Garden Bar Open: Pubs on Wheels

Drink and dine in the sunshine

Our ‘Pub on Wheels‘ – our garden bar affectionately named Horatio – is open all throughout summer whenever the weather is fine. From here you can order drinks, food and even a few sizzling treats from our BBQ, so there’s no need to leave the great outdoors in order for even a moment to get the sustenance you need.

We’ll see you in the garden!

For any enquiries, get in touch with us +44 (0)1590 672 160 to book or email

Our Awards

The Epicurean

We are proud to be part of The Epicurean Collection, a group of countryside inns and city pubs dedicated to the finest in British food, comfort and culture. To join our online club or to book the perfect escape, please download the Epicurean Club App or visit:

The Epicurean

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